Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How To Make Anyone Fall In Love with You

How To Make Anyone Fall in Love With You [This is not crap NLP power games - this is the GOOD stuff].pdf

Friday, January 4, 2008

5 Dating Tips

Dating, like anything else, is a learning process. There's a basic order to it. I like to look at it this way. When you relate first and date second--laughs last. Before you go on another date, take these 5 things into consideration first.

1. Be Ready
Be nice to anyone who acts respectfully. Be approachable, spontaneous and brave. Be better than before.

2. Stop Dating
Try meeting people first. Instead of "going out" on a date, try simply agreeing on a date to" hang out." I know this seems counterintuitive, but make sure this is clearly understood. First of all, this lessens the chance you'll write someone off based on superficial analysis or a brief first impression. This approach also relieves the "I'm perfect for you" pressure, melts the ice and lays the foundation for learning, enjoyment and straightforward communication. Don't worry. If you're both feeling each other, you'll have no problem changing the rules.

3. Start Relaxing
If you can't relax from the beginning and say what you think, then what's the point. It's not possible to pretend and have a real relationship at the same time.

4. Quit Talking
Instead of just filling up the time with words and questions, practice the art of conversation until it becomes first nature. Conversation is not the same as having an agenda to go over and asking fifty questions. Conversation involves adding to the discussion by sharing thoughtful remarks, expanding topics, adding new topics and following the flow. Conversation explores reasons, motivations, ideas and beliefs. Conversation is enhanced when we wait for segues and appreciate silences. Conversation allows us to learn the many levels of each other's character and personality over time.

5. Keep Counting
To maintain an objective outlook, learn to do relationship math. Why? Dating is expensive and either temporary or redundant. Love is lucrative but possible only once or twice. Friendships are unlimited, forever and contain fortunes.
Keeping these perspectives and doing these 5 things first, should help you enjoy the experiences of spending time with others. That way, if the relating turns into dating, the laughing will last, no matter what.

Monday, December 31, 2007

How To Approach

First things first - before you approach any girl you will need to do your homework. No one likes to be approached by strangers who are insensitive. In other words no one likes someone who comes up then just butts in and makes it very clear that they have their own agenda and do not really care about what is taking place before they arrive.
So study the situation before you make your approach. This is the first key factor in eliminating the possibility of rejection.

Secondly you want to be on the look out for signals. Look over in her direction and see if you can catch her attention. If both of you catch a glance at one another then smile. If she looks away then looks back at you - then it is quiet possible that she is open to your approach. If a girl is open to your approach then she will be less inclined to reject you.

Thirdly be on the look out for body language. Sometimes here and there I do a dry run. I walk towards her try and see if I can get her attention. If I do I want to see her body language. If she immediately sits up and starts to fix herself then I know that she is interested in me approaching her. This is especially the case if while walking past her we make eye contact.
If a girl looks at you in the eyes then you can rest assured that she is not going to be pissed at you if you approach her. Women do give plenty of signals you just have to be aware of them.
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Thursday, December 20, 2007

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Secret behind Attracting Beautiful Women

This is the article for guys who want to attract and date the very beautiful women. It shows some of the very important ideas you need if you want to succeed in the dating game with those hot beautiful women.
1. First thing you need to know: Basically Beautiful Women Are Spoiled Brats
The big secret with those beautiful women is that those attractive women are all spoiled. They always get what they want. A lot of guys I know (maybe you too) are willing to do anything to please a beautiful woman. And the fact is, attractive women are always approached by men where ever they go, in one way or another. What you can do about this is that you need to be different from those men. Spank her at her ass while guys go round kissing asses. Tease beautiful women in a funny way that she laughs at herself. This practically makes she thinks
1) "Wow this guy is different! He is so confident and masculine...I gotta have him" or
2) God is he a jerk? He is making me look bad in front of people, I gotta run.
Most of the time, the response I get is the first one, which is good. You should do that too. When you meet a beautiful woman, make sure you tease her and make fun of her. But don't be an asshole, tease her in a funny way, maybe you could smile while doing that.
2. Your Mindset Determines Your Success
I have talked about this a lot of times. How you think about women totally determines your success or failure with women. Your mindset should be like:
i) Woman is nothing. Why fear some attractive women? Go ahead, and socialize. Even if you can't get her as a girlfriend, you are able to train yourself and move on to the next beautiful chicks.
ii) Be a man. Fear nothing. Go out and be confident. Make your daddy proud as well as being proud of yourself and your abilities. Fear no women. At least make friends with them...Make the first move to introduce yourself to a beautiful woman you don't know at the shopping mall, or any place you could possibly meet women. No approach means no chance at all. Even if you screw things up, at least you stand a chance to get laid with her.
3. Flirt and flirt with beautiful women
By flirting you spark some sexual tension with women and increase the attraction level. It is important to flirt because by flirting you can instantly make a beautiful woman feel attraction for you. But flirting is something so deep I can't explain in one article. My best advice for you is go and flirt with women. By flirting I mean saying something with a tone, not the normal way. I hope you get me.
4. Confidence.
This is simple to say but hard to explain. Again, most of the heroes in movies exert confidence. The most obvious ones I know is Tom Cruise in "Top Gun" and all the James Bond 007 titles. Confidence means believing in yourself and your ability to do stuffs. Confidence means you are not insecure or needy, and that you are not acting like a wuss. Confidence also means you walk tall, stand strong, speak in a deep tone. All in all, confidence is the most important element if you want to attract beautiful women.
5. Following up, from A to Z
From the first approach, you go flirt or do some ice breaker with a woman, you know or you don't know. Then flirt, flirt and flirt until there is the sexual tension. Get the numbers so that you can call her up and set up a date with her. Go on the date, make her feel attracted to you by being confident, flirting, talk stuffs and have a great time. After a few dates, maybe you want to bring her to your home and do something physical. The key is keep on advancing. If something is stuck, see if you said something wrong, or screw anything up for example you were being a wuss on a date. Learn from mistakes. Correct them and never commit those mistakes again. It is all part of the process. Before you know it, you have just become a super magnetic man among those beautiful women.
In this article I have shown you the basics and fundamentals on how to attract beautiful women. I hope you can grasp my ideas. I guarantee they can help you a lot in your process of learning. But it is still advisable that you get some help and reference from a mentor or ebook. They are worth the price to pay and you can get results faster.
If you need any suggestion on which site/book/mentor I recommend then I am more than happy to tell you that all you need to be really successful in attracting any women you like is in this site.
Visit this blog frequently to learn more facts and to become successful with women

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How To Approach Women - The Guide For The Beginner

How start to play the game?
To make it easier, we will separate it for several parts:
The comprehension, trying to communicate with women is everything. Every day, every girl gets a lot of attention from others guy and most of them are the same... You must understand that you need to be different in order to win in the attention of the girls. How could you do it? By exercises and only exercises
The decision, you just now need to decide that you want to control on field of the women. That you can get any woman that you want.
The commitment, you pledge to reach the goal. Important to understand that you don't have any dead lines or something familiar. You do not pledge to the results, you only need to pledge to the process.
On what to talk?
At first, this is unimportant. You don't have to even to show every romantic sings in this conversation. You total need to have conversation with women, that you show confidence and restfulness.
That's for understanding the woman head. Also you will know when they examine you, also without there awareness, and to discern when they are interested to know you better.
After you will be accredited, you also will learn the tools, and learn how to do it correctly, and to increase your chances to succeed.
And always remember that it's not what you say, it's how you say it... So stop thinking about what to say when you approach girl and start how you increase the trait to be more confident man...