Saturday, December 8, 2007

5 Personality Traits That Attract Women

I have said before that most men are concerned about their looks, money and fame, when it comes to dating women. They would usually say that they are not rich, handsome or famous enough to make women fall in love with them. Well, it is good to be rich and famous,as well as looking good, but if you are not rich, famous, or handsome, that does not mean you are out of luck with women.
One thing I know is for sure, women are attracted to a man's personality traits more than money, fame and looks. This article will show you what those personality traits are and how you can make yourself more attractive to women that you like. Let's begin, shall we?
Humor is very powerful stuff with women, and if you want to be successful in dating women and you are not humorous then I suggest you to take on a comedy course, read books on humor and how to make people laugh. But being silly to make people laugh is not humor. It's not cool at all, so do not make fun of yourself to make a girl laugh. Rumor has it that if you can keep a woman laugh all the time, then you will go far in the dating game.
Women seem to be attracted to men who are adventurous. I believe that it's because by being an adventurous guy, women think that you are an interesting person. By doing all those adventurous stuffs such as climbing, camping, and sky-diving will spread your masculinity to the atmosphere, which is something good. If you want to become an adventurous guy, you can commit yourself to do stuffs such as traveling around the world, skiing, sky-diving, surfing and so on. Find some that suit yourself, and be good at those activities. The next thing you know, you are considered as a sexy, attractive man around the women. One more good thing about being adventurous, is that you will have more topics to discuss or talk with women.
Confidence, to me is considered as the most sexy personality trait a man can have. Confidence is something really tough to explain. Women seem to love guys with confidence so it is vital for you to reinforce your confidence level. Enough reason to be more confident? Some movies with guys that have bursting confidence include Top Gun (Tom Cruise) and all those 007 titles, go check those out at the Video store near you. Or you can go to the bookstore and look for some books regarding confidence.
Opening doors and serving her seats will do you good in the dating game. Women like to be treated like princesses. If you open all the doors that come into her way, she will notice this and think that you are an unique creature, since most men don't do this. Either they think chivalry is for the old heads, or they are too scared to do so. Chivalry also sends out a message that you are being nice and respectful to women.
Being classy will enable you to have more chat topics with women you are dating with since you are going to know so much about wines, food, music, languages(Spanish, French, etc), and so on. By knowing a little bit on classy stuffs, but just enough to impress the ladies when they spend the night with you, you will be considered unique. Classy stuffs include musical instruments, classic music, food, wines, etc etc, and you will need to do a lot of reading to learn those stuffs. But it is worth it. because it is mostly guaranteed that you will become someone attractive, and by learning these stuffs you are enriching your life too.
I have shown you 5 personality traits that I know are very attractive to women. By reinforcing your good, attractive personality traits you will be in the top 2% of the men that will continuously get attention from women.

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